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UI and Animation


"Animation is the natural next step in the evolution of our application and device ecosystem. It makes the digital world more intuitive and interesting for users of all ages."



This article is a good summary of how animation is becoming more and more prominent in applications. I have been seeing more and more focus on animation in the feeds that I subscribe to. And Google recently released its design guidelines, which is extremely heavy on the animation side of things (which is mentioned in this article).  

A part of me is cringing because as a programmer, I know how adding animation can really complicate the code. Hopefully we’ll have lots of good tools to use as the trend continues. The other thing that caught my attention was the point that native apps are much better at accommodating animation. So there is a lot of hope that CSS3 will help web apps keep up with animation (just what we need, more CSS fragmentation problems to deal with!).


Here's a sample of the animations that Google is using in their UI concepts: