WebGL: Up and Running by Tony Parisi; O'reilly Media

WebGL Up and Running

If you're a web developer who's looking for a clear and concise introduction to 3D graphics, this is the book you should start with. Tony Parisi does an excellent job of explaining WebGL, and demonstrating its features with some really cool code samples.

This book greatly simplifies the 3D learning curve by using the three.js library, which takes care of much of the dirty work that makes 3D programming so difficult. But before diving into three.js, Parisi goes over the basic principles of working with 3D graphics. This chapter is the best overview of 3D programming that I've come across. It is very well written, and explains the basic concepts of 3D very clearly. 

By focusing on three.js, Parisi quickly gets you up and running with some practical code samples that cover the basics of rendering 3D graphics, animating them, interacting with them, and integrating them with other HTML elements on a web page. All the things that would be of interest to a web developer.

Once the basics are covered, Parisi candidly discusses the pro and cons of using WebGL in your projects, and offers some advice on building a work flow. He finishes the book with a chapter that shows you how to put all the concepts together to create an impressive car racing game.

WebGL: Up and Running is not a comprehensive overview of WebGL and three.js. It's a breif overview of the concepts of WebGL, made easier by the use of the three.js. So if you want a good introduction to programming 3D grapchics for the web without taking the time to read an all-inclusive study, I highly recommend this book. It's an incredibly easy read when considering the complex subject matter that it covers.